Year of election
Year of titular member


Judge at the International Court of Justice

Area(s) of Expertise

  • General International Law


James Crawford AC

Selected publications

  • The ILC’s Articles on State Responsibility: Introduction, Text and Commentaries (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2002) xxviii + 384pp.; also published in French as Les articles de la C.D.I. sur la responsabilité de l’État. Introduction, texte et commentaires (Pedone, Paris, 2003), xvi & 461 and in Spanish as Spanish as Los artículos de la Comisión de Derecho Internacional sobre la Responsibilidad Internacional des Estado. Introducción, texto y commentarios (Dykinson, Madrid, 2004), 461
  • International Law as an Open System.  Selected Essays (Cameron & May, London, 2002) pp. 1-607
  • The Creation of States in International Law (2nd edn, Oxford University Press, 2006) i-lxii, 1-870
  • The Law of International Responsibility (edited with A Pellet & S Olleson) (Oxford, OUP, 2010) i-lxv, 1-1296:
  • The Cambridge Companion to International Law (edited with Martti Koskenniemi) (Cambridge, CUP, 2012) i-xii, 1-478
  • Brownlie’s Principles of International Law (8th edn, Oxford University Press, 2012) lxxx+ 803 (9th edn in press)
  • “Recognition in International Law: An Introduction to the Paperback Edition 2013”, in H Lauterpacht, Recognition in International Law (reprinted, Cambridge, CUP, 2013) xxi-lix
  • State Responsibility: The General Part (Cambridge University Press, July 2013) lxxvi + 803
  • Chance, Order, Change: The Course of International Law, Receuil des cours, vol 365, 2013, 9-381; published as AIL-Pocketbook, 2014, 1-516; also published in French as Hasard, ordre et changement: le cours du droit international (Martinus Nijhoff, Paris, 2015), 439
  • Foreign Investment Disputes. Cases, Materials and Commentary (with R Doak Bishop and W Michael Reisman) (Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2nd edn, 2014) lvii + 1290
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