President of the Croatian Society of International Law

Member of the International Council of Environmental Law (Bonn)

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Law of the sea
  • International protection of human rights
  • National minorities
  • International humanitarian law
  • International law of treaties


Budislav Vukas

Selected publications

Relativno djelovanje međunarodnih ugovora (The Relativity of International Treaties), Zagreb, 1975, 179 pp.

Etničke manjine i međunarodni odnosi (Ethnic Minorities and International Relations), Zagreb, 1978, 251 pp.

The Law of the Sea – Selected Writings, Leiden, 2004, viii, 359 pp.

“International Instruments Dealing with the Status of Stateless Persons and of Refugees”, Revue belge de droit international, Vol. 8, 1972, pp. 143-175.

“L’utilisation pacifique de la mer, dénucléarisation et désarmement”, in: R.-J. Dupuy, D. Vignes (eds.), Traité du nouveau droit de la mer, Paris, Bruxelles, 1985, pp. 1047-1093.

“Peaceful Uses of the Sea, Denuclearization  and Disarmament”, in: R.-J. Dupuy, d. Vignes (eds.), A Handbook on the New Law of the Sea, Vol. II, Dordrecht, 1991, pp. 1233-1320.

“States, Peoples and Minorities”, Recueil des cours de l’Académie de droit international de la Haye, Vol. 231, pp. 263-524.

“The Humanitarian Assistance”, Annuaire de l’Institut de Droit International, Vol. 70-I, 2002-2003, pp. 457-492, 541-576 (provisional report, final report); Vol. 71-II, 2004, 262-277 (adapted resolution)

“Humanitarian Aid and Humanitarian Intervention”, in: International Challenges to Peace and Security in the New Millenium; Thesaurus Acroasium, Vol. 33, 2010, pp. 249-268.

“Self-Determination of Peoples – A Chronic Problem of Humankind”, in: H.P. Hestermeyer et al. (eds.), Coexistence, Cooperation and Solidarity: Liber Amicorum Rüdiger Wolfrum, Vol. II, Leiden, 2012, pp. 1543-1552.

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