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The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations cordially invites Permanent Representatives, Deputy Permanent Representatives, Sixth Committee Delegates and Legal Advisors to a briefing on

The Work of the Institute of International Law

During the 2019 Session of The Hague and the 2021 Online Session, the Institute of International Law adopted various resolutions. This briefing will give you an insight into the resolutions on Human Rights and Private International Law (2021) and Limits to the Evolutive Interpretation of Constituent Instruments of the Organizations within the UN System by their Internal Organs (2021).

It will also provide you with an overview of the resolutions adopted on Pandemics (2021), Territorial Administration by the UN (2021), Equality of Parties before International Investment Tribunals (2019), and Injuries to Personality Rights through the Use of the Internet (2019).

Introductory remarks by

Prof. René Lefeber, Legal Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Presentations by

Prof. Marcelo Kohen, Secretary-General of the Institute of International Law

Prof. Mahnoush Arsanjani, President and Judge of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal

Prof. Fausto Pocar, Judge ad hoc of the International Court of Justice


Thursday, October 27, 2022, 1.15 p.m.


Conference Room 8

General Assembly Building

United Nations Headquarters

The Institute of International Law (“Institut de droit international”), founded in 1873, is the oldest international law institution. In 1904, it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of its action in favour of arbitration among States. It continues to assist the international community including the ILC, the ICJ and other UN organs through its resolutions on specific issues of public and private international law and contributes widely to the progressive development and codification of international law.


The texts of the resolutions can be found on its website:


Lunch will be provided

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