Année d'élection

Fonction(s) actuelle(s)

Professor of International Law, Tsinghua University Beijing

Domaine(s) d’expertise

  • Public International Law;
  • International Humanitarian Law;
  • International Criminal Law.


LLB (Peking); Ph.D. (Oxon.); Professor of International Law (2004-), School of Law, Tsinghua University, Beijing;

Member of the Curatorium of The Hague Academy of International Law; Visiting Professor of Kiel University (2011), New York University (2019), and University of Pennsylvania (2021); Lecturer at The Hague Academy of International Law (2016), and invited to deliver the General Course in Public International Law at the Academy in the Winter Programme of 2026; Lecturer at the Xiamen Academy of International Law (2008);

Sometime Law Clerk and Legal Officer, UN ICTY and ICTR (1996-2004);

Member of the Editorial Board of the American Journal of International Law, Chinese Journal of International Law, Journal of International Criminal Justice, Chinese Yearbook of International Law (Chinese), etc.;

Publications sélectionnées

  • Public International Law: Its Interpretation and Application in Armed Conflict (Chinese), Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, 2020, pp. 283;
  • “The Question of Jurisdiction in the 2019 Arbitration between Ukraine and Russia”, 19 Chinese Journal of International Law (2020), pp.683–715;
  • “The Fundamental Principles of International Humanitarian Law”, in: J. Viñuales (ed.), The UN Friendly Relations Declaration at 50, Cambridge University Press, 2020, pp. 258-283;
  • “Reflections on the ICC’s Relationship with the United Nations and Regional Courts”, in: R. Steinberg (ed.), The International Criminal Court: Contemporary Challenges and Reform Proposals, Brill, 2020, pp. 358-366;
  •  “Unsaid Rules of UNCLOS: Essential Elements for its Proper Interpretation?” in: WH Shen, S. Zhang and JY SU (eds.), China and Dispute Settlement in the Context of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, Cambridge University Press, 2020, pp. 251-279;
  • “Historic Rights in International Law: Current State of the Law and Two Issues”, Chinese Yearbook of International Law (2019) (Chinese), pp. 30-63;
  • Study on Dispute Settlement Mechanisms of UNCLOS: Annex VII Arbitration (Chinese), Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, 2018, pp. 194;
  • “International Case Law in the Development of International Law”, Recueil des cours de l’Académie de Droit International, vol. 382 (2015) (published in 2017), pp. 175-397;
  • “Part III, International Straits”, in: A. Proelss (ed.), United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: A Commentary, Beck/Nomos/Hart, 2017, pp. 272-333.
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