Année d'élection

Fonction(s) actuelle(s)

  • Bruce W. Wayne Professor of International Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Daniel R. Fischel & Sylvia M. Neil Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School (2021-2022)

Domaine(s) d’expertise

  • Private International Law and Inter-religious law;
  • International Civil Litigation;
  • Multiculturalism


Michael Karayanni was born in Kafr-Yasif, a Palestinian village located in the Western Galilee in Israel. After obtaining his undergraduate law degree at Bar-Ilan University (LLB 1990) and being admitted to the Israeli bar, he went on to pursue graduate studies in law in the United States (George Washington University, LLM 1994, University of Pennsylvania, SJD 2003) and in Israel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LLD 2000). His academic base is at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he is today the Bruce W. Wayne Professor of International Law. Throughout his career at Hebrew University he has held a number of administrative positions, among them Dean of the Faculty of Law, Academic Director of Minerva Center for Human Rights, Director of Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law and Founding Director of Center of the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity. He has also held visiting positions at Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Georgetown Law Center, Melbourne Law School, Stanford Law School, Yale Law School and Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Publications sélectionnées

  1. Michael Karayanni, A Multicultural Entrapment: Religion & State among the Palestinian-Arabs in Israel (Cambridge University Press, 2021)
  2. Michael Karayanni, Conflicts in a Conflict: A Conflict of Laws Study on Israel and the Palestinian Territories (Oxford University Press, 2014);
  3. Michael Karayanni, Forum Non Conveniens in the Modern Age: A Comparative and Methodological Analysis of Anglo-American Law (Transnational Publishers, 2004);
  4. The Private International Law of Class Actions: A Functional Approach, Recueil des cours, Volume 422, 2021;
  5. Michael Karayanni, ‘Multiculturalism as Covering: On the Accommodation of Minority Religions in Israel’, 66 American Journal of Comparative Law 831 (2018)
  6. Michael Karayanni, ‘Groups in Context: An Ontology of a Muslim Headscarf in a Nazareth Catholic School and a Sephardic Ultra-Orthodox Student in Immanuel’, 41 Law & Social Inquiry 973 (2016)
  7. Michael Karayanni, ‘Access to Justice Ascends to International Civil Litigation: The Case of Palestinian Plaintiffs before Israeli Courts’, 33 Civil Justice Quarterly 41 (2014)
  8. Michael Karayanni, ‘Two Concepts of Group Rights for the Palestinian-Arab Minority under Israel’s Constitutional Definition as a ‘Jewish and Democratic’ State’, 10 Con. International Journal of Constitutional Law 304 (2012)
  9. Michael Karayanni,In the Best Interests of the Group, The Religious Matching Requirement under Israeli Adoption Law’, 3 Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law 1 (2010)
  10. Michael Karayanni, ‘Choice of Law under Occupation: How Israeli Law Came to Serve Palestinian Plaintiffs’, 5 Journal of Private International Law 1 (2009)
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