Année d'élection

Fonction(s) actuelle(s)

  • Professor of Law
  • Arbitrator
  • Barrister


Domaine(s) d’expertise

  • International and comparative law
  • Commercial and investment arbitration
  • Commercial conflict of laws
  • International economic treaties


Chin Leng Lim is the Choh-Ming Li professor of law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a visiting professor at King’s College London, honorary senior fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and an editorial board member of the I.C.L.Q. He once worked as a lawyer with the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva, government international law counsel for the Republic of Singapore and was professor of law at Hong Kong University and a member of its court and senate. Lim was tenured previously at the National University of Singapore, returning briefly as the Lionel Astor Sheridan visiting professor, and during his early career had lectured at the University College of Wales at Aberystwyth and Queen Mary & Westfield College, London. He served three terms on a Trade and Industry Department committee which advises Hong Kong’s Commerce Secretary, and was a resident visiting scholar at the WTO in Geneva. He practises as a barrister and arbitrator from chambers in London.


Publications sélectionnées

– Treaty for a Lost City (Cambridge, forthcoming, 2022)

– The Cambridge Companion to International Arbitration, ed., with a Foreword by Lord Neuberger (Cambridge, 2021)

– Lim, Ho and Paparinskis on International Investment Law and Arbitration, with a Foreword by Emmanuel Gaillard (Cambridge, 2018), 2d. ed. (Cambridge, 2021)

– Chan and Lim on the Law of the Hong Kong Constitution, with specialist contributors, 3d. ed. (Sweet & Maxwell, 2021), 2d. ed. (Sweet & Maxwell, 2015), 1st ed. (Sweet &Maxwell, 2012), Forewords by The Hon. Mr. Justice Ma C.J. and The Hon. Mr. Andrew Li

– Alternative Visions of the International Law on Foreign Investment (Cambridge, 2016), ed.

– International Economic Law after the Global Crisis, with Mercurio eds. (Cambridge, 2015)

– The Trans-Pacific Partnership (Cambridge, 2012) with Elms and Low eds.

– The Paradox of Consensualism in International Law, with a Foreword by Martti Koskenniemi (Kluwer, 1998), with Elias

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