Année d'élection
Année membre titulaire

Fonction(s) actuelle(s)

Professor (emeritus)

Domaine(s) d’expertise

History and theory of international law

Publications sélectionnées

  • To the Uttermost Parts of the Earth: Legal Imagination and International Power 1300-1870 (Cambridge University Press 2021)


  • International Law and Religion. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Co-edited with Monica Garcia-Salmones & Paolo Amorosa, Oxford University Press 2017);


  • International Law and Empire: Historical Explorations (Co-edited with Walter Rech and Manuel Jiménez-Fonseca, Oxford University Press 2017)


  • Creating Community and Ordering the World: The European Shadow of the Past and Future of the Present (Co-edited with Bo Stråth) (Department of World Cultures, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, 2014);


  • The Cambridge Companion to International Law (Co-edited with James Crawford,  (Cambridge University Press 2011);


  • La politique de droit international (Paris, Pedone, 2007); The Politics of International Law (Oxford, Hart, 2012), in Spanish: La política del derecho internacional (Intr. C G Pascual, Madrid, Trotta 2020).


  • From Apology to Utopia. The Structure of International legal Argument. Reissue with a New Epilogue (Cambridge University Press, 2005);


  • The Gentle Civilizer of Nations: The Rise and Fall of International law 1870-1960 (Hersch Lauterpacht Memorial Lectures) (Cambridge University Press, 2001); Spanish: El Discreto Civilisador de Naciones. El auge y la caída del derecho internacional 1870-1960 (Ciudad Argentina & Servicio Publicaciones – Facultad de Derecho Universidad Complutense, 2005); Italian: Il mite civilizzatore delle nazioni. Ascesa e caduta del diritto internazionale 1870-1960 (Roma, Editori Laterza 2012).


  • The Sources of International Law (ed. in the series “The Library of Essays in International Law”) (Ashgate/Dartmouth, London etc, 2000);


  • La succession d’États: La codification à l’épreuve des faits / State Succession: Codification Tested against the Facts (with Pierre Michel Eisemann The Hague Academy of International Law, Nijhoff, The Hague, 2000);
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