The Institute of International Law has learned with dismay of the arrest of its Titular Member, Professor Maurice Kamto, in Cameroon on Monday, 28 January. Professor Kamto is a distinguished colleague, former Member and Chair of the United Nations International Law Commission and a Member of our Institute since 2005. He has recently been a Rapporteur at our Institute on the issues of mass migration. His work culminated in the adoption by the Institute of the Hyderabad Resolution on Mass Migration in 2017.

Mr. Kamto has always been a defender of the rule of law and of justice. Without taking stance on the domestic political situation of Cameroon, we call on the authorities of this country for the immediate release of Mr. Kamto and for the full respect for his fundamental rights and freedoms.

On behalf of the Bureau

Prof. Marcelo G. Kohen


Press Release of 30 January 2019