Mr Fausto Pocar is the current Treasurer. He was elected Treasurer during the Session in Vancouver (2001), re-elected for another term in 2007 during the Santiago Session, in 2013 during the Tokyo Session and in 2019 during the Hague Session.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer is appointed by the Institute from among its Members appointed for a term of three sessions (Art. 12 Statutes). The election of the Treasurer takes place at the first administrative meeting of the session (Art. 16 Rules). The Treasurer is a member of the Bureau (Art. 9 Statutes) and member of the Board of the Foundation (Art. 4(1) Statutes of the Foundation) which he presides (Art. 1 Rules of the Foundation).

The Treasurer is entrusted with the financial management and the keeping of accounts. At each ordinary session the Treasurer submits a financial report which is examined by two Members who will have been appointed for this purpose at the opening of each session. They shall report on their findings in the course of the session (Art. 12 Statutes and Art. 17 Rules). The Institute shall then take a decision on the conclusions presented in the report of the Auditors on the accounts of the Treasurer (Art. 20 Rules).

The Treasurer can demand the Board of the Foundation to put at its disposal the necessary funds to meet the expenses of the Secretariat, the publications, the sessions and other regular activities of the Institute (Art. 19 Statutes and Art. 7 Statutes of the Foundation).

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