Call for manuscripts: Andrés Bello Prize (2021) & Special James Brown Scott Prize (2023)


Two calls for manuscripts are now open:

1. The Andrés Bello Prize 2021

Subject matter: North-South Relations and International Law

Due to the current circumstances the submission deadline has been extended to 31 January 2021

Announcement Prize winner(s): 80th session of Beijing in 2021

Award: 10 000 CHF


2. The Special James Brown Scott Prize 2023

Subject matter: The Institute of International Law
The Institut celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2023. At this occasion the James Brown Scott Prize subject matter will be the Institute itself. Are eligible dissertations from a legal or/and historical perspective relating to the work or functioning of the Institute, to its members, its relations with other institutions and its impact in international law and international relations in general.

Submission deadline: 31 December 2022

Announcement Prize winner(s): 81st session in 2023

Award: 10 000 CHF


General requirements (for both the Andrés Bello Prize & the Special James Brown Scott Prize):

Please note that for both calls for manuscripts the submission has to be in compliance with the Prize Regulations, which you can find below, in order to be eligible.

As indicated in Article 9 of the Prize Regulations, your submission can be sent in soft copy (PDF format) to the following e-mail address: and in hard copy to: Professor Marcelo Kohen, IHEID, Chemin Eugène Rigot 2, Case postale 1672, CH-1211 Geneva 21, Switzerland



The Prize Award Regulations were established already in 1931 and now include several amendments adopted since. The current version was approved on 1 January 2018.

Scott Prize Regulations

James Brown Scott

A particularly distinguished American lawyer, James Brown Scott, was born in 1866, studied at Harvard, Berlin, Heidelberg and Paris and went on to teach international law over the course of a remarkable University career. In particular, he created the Los Angeles Law School, was Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Illinois and Professor at Columbia University.

His talents were such that he was appointed Solicitor at the State Department of the United States. He was also a delegate of his country at important international conferences, including the Second Hague Peace Conference (1907) and the Paris Peace Conference (1919).

For several decades he held the position of Secretary General of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Elected in 1908 an Associate of the Institute of International Law, he became in 1910 a regular Member. Quite exceptionally he was called upon twice to preside over the Institute, which he would do at the Lausanne (1927) and New York (1929) Sessions.

It was in 1931 that J.B. Scott inaugurated the prize. In the spirit of recognition towards the Institute and in a feeling of heartfelt homage to the memory of his mother, Jeannette Scott, who had had a constant influence on his life (Institute Yearbook, 1931, vol. II. p. 229). During his lifetime, he looked after the awarding of the prize in person. He passed away in 1943 and bequeathed to the Institute, in memory of his mother and sister, a sum of capital, the interest of which enables the regular disbursement of the prizes. The prizes bear each time the name of a distinguished jurist, on the basis of a list elaborated for the initiator of the prize, namely Andrès Bello, Carlos Calvo, Grotius, Francis Lieber, Frédéric de Martens, Mancini, Samuel Pufendorf, Louis Renault, G. Rolin-Jaequemyns, Emer de Vattel, Vitoria, John Westlake, Henri Wheaton.

J.B. Scott Competition 2019 : Henri Wheaton Prize

Please note that the Henri Wheaton Prize competition on “The Protection of the Environment and International Law” has ended. The Henri Wheaton Prize 2019 has been awarded to Ms Katalin Sulyok for her manuscript entitled “Scientific Engagement of International Courts and Tribunals in Environmental Disputes – Science and the Legitimacy of Adjudicatory Reasoning”. A honorable mention has been given to the manuscript submitted by Ms Françoise Paccaud, entitled “Le contentieux de l’environnement devant la Cour internationale de Justice”. The Institute would like to thank all participants for their submissions.

J.B. Scott Competition 2017: John Westlake Prize

Applications for the John Westlake Prize on ‘Dispute Settlement before International Courts and Tribunals’ are now closed. The Institute wishes to express its gratitude to all persons who have participated in this competition. However, the John Westlake Prize has not been awarded during the 78th session in Hyderabad.


Previous laureates of the J.B. Scott Prize

Call for applications
Prize name Question Laureate(s) Title Honorable mention
1933 John Westlake On  demande  une étude sur les règles applicables,  en cas  de  responsabilité  internationale, à l’évaluation de dommages causés à des particuliers sur le territoire d’un État étranger.
La question doit être envisagée en tenant compte  principalement de  la pratique internationale et des décisions des juridictions internationales.
Mr Anton Roth Schadensersatz fur Verletzungen Privater bei volkerrechtlichen Delikten
1937 Carlos Calvo De différentes causes de nul­lité d’une sentence arbitrale en droit international  pu­blic et des conséquences d’une telle nullité Mr. A. Balasko Causes de nullité de la sentence arbitrale en Droit international public
1951 Grotius Faire une étude critique de la condition juridique du plateau continental et des questions relatives à l’utilisation de la mer qui le recouvre, de son sol et de son sous-sol au-delà de la limite extérieure de la mer territoriale Mr. Mouton The Continental Shelf Mr. Luis de Azcarraga
1952 Francis Lieber La guerre sur terre et ses lois de Francis Lieber à nos jours. Etude historique et critique. Ms. Maier & Mr. Tobler Der Landkrieg und seine Gesetze von Francis Lieber zur Gegenwart – Eine historische und kritische Studie
1955 Frédéric de Martens Une étude des sentences artbitrales rendues dans le cadre de la Cour permanente d’Arbitrage depuis 1919 Mr. Schneid
1959 Samuel Pufendorf La position des Etats tiers vis-à-vis de la Communauté Européenne du Charbon et de l’Acier Ms. Chava Shachor-Landau
1969 John Westlake La place que conserve la coutume dans la période actuelle de codification du droit international Mr. Thirlway International Customary Law and Codification – An examination of the continuing role of custom in the present period of codification of international law
1983 Francis Lieber La non comparution devant la Cour internationale de Justice Mr. Elkind Non-Appearance before the International Court of Justice – A Functional and Comparative Analysis Mr. Ahmed Abou el Wafa
Mr. Mohamed Hassem
2003 G. Rolin-Jaequemyns Les mesures provisoires en droit international devant les juridictions internationales Ms.  Gonzalez Napolitano Medidas provisionales en el derecho internacional ante las cortes y tribunales internacionales
2019 Henri Wheaton The Protection of the Environment and International Law Ms Katalin Sulyok Scientific Engagement of International Courts and Tribunals in Environmental Disputes – Science and the Legitimacy of Adjudicatory Reasoning Ms Françoise Paccaud
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