From left to right in a vertical line:
Mrs Perez Vera ;
Pocar, Castro-Rial, Keith, Vignes ;
Suy, Sohn, Orrego Vicuña ;
Park?, Torres Bernárdez, Gros-Espiell, Pinto, Tomuschat, Rudolf;
Anand, Lady Fox, Sinclair, Cançado Trindade, Schindler, Frowein ;
Sucharitkul, P. Lalive, Blix, Guillaume, Sarcevic, Caflisch ;
Diez de Velasco, North, Owada, Lauterpacht, Schermers, Meron ;
Rosenne, Mrs de Magalhaes Collaço, Zemanek, Makarczyk? ;
Jayme, Seidl-Hohenveldern, Gannagé, Doehring, Droz ;
Lipstein, Paolillo ;
Bedjaoui, Dominicé, Morin, Loussouarn, Matscher, Sahovic ;
Dimitrijevic?, Roucounas, Brownlie, Mosler ;
Oda, Foighel?, Ress, Mrs Bindschedler ;
Amerasinghe, Schachter, Lowenfeld , Conforti, Gaja,
behind him at his right Von Mehren and at his left Schwebel ;
Truyol y Serra and Dinstein ;
Parra Aranguren, Shihatta, Müllerson, Bernhard ;
McWhinney, Skubiszewski, Dame Higgins ;
Abi Saab ;

Bureau during the session*:

President: Erik Jayme
First Vice-President: Mohammed Bedjaoui
Second Vice-President: Bengt Broms
Third Vice-President: Shabtai Rosenne
Secretary-General: Christian Dominicé
Treasurer: Franck Vischer


The taking into consideration of foreign private international law (trav. prép. – delib. – res)
Kurt Lipstein, 4th commission

Judicial and Arbitral Settlement of International Disputes involving more than two States (trav. prép. – delib. – res)
Rudolf Bernhardt, 11th commission

The application of international law, in particular humanitarian law, in armed conflicts in which non State entities are parties (trav. prép. – delib. – res)
Milan Šahovic, 14th commission

The role and significance of consensus in the framing of international law (delib.)
Louis B. Sohn, 6th commission

The Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of States (trav. prép.)
François Rigaux, 19th commission

Voeu regarding the 1998 Rome Statute

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*before the elections at the first administrative meeting

res : resolution adopted
delib. : deliberations in plenary
trav. prép. : travaux préparatoires

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