Bruges 2003


From left to right

First row: Skubiszewski, Oda, Pescatore, Pocar, Van Hecke, Dominicé, Bedjaoui, Castro-Rial, Arangio-Ruiz, Conforti, Broms

Second row: Frowein, Lowenfeld, Franck, Rao, Morin, Diez de Velasco, Abi-Saab, Gros-Espiell, Sucharitkul, McWhinney, Lalive, Meron, Collins, Suy

From here on it is hard to speak again of any row and one will follow the order as the persons appear starting on the right moving to the left following a vertical line

– Fadlallah,

– von Hofmann (?),

– Gaja, Pinto,

– Carillo-Salcedo, Dugard, McLean, Picone,

– Guillame, Sinclair, Cançado Trindade, Hafner, Watts (partially visible), Gonzalez Campos,

– Orrego-Vicuña, Yankov, Yusuf, Makarczyk, Rudolf, Pastor Ridruejo,

– Shahabuddeen, Weeramantry, Tomuschat, Lee, Lagarde,

– Cassese, Caminos, Wildhaber, Jayme, El-Kosheri,

– Lipstein, Waelbroeck, Bernhardt,

– Sahovic, Schwind, Doehring, North, Degan, Ranjeva,

– Mrs Pérez Vera, Keith, Schermers, Verhoeven, Sarcevic,

– Torres Bernárdez, Nieto-Navia, Bennouna, Ress et Matscher, Roucounas, Dinstein,

– Müllerson, Salmon, behind Brownlie, Droz, and, behind on the left Ando, and on the right Ko,

– Mrs Burdeau, Treves, Lady Fox, Mrs Lamm, Mrs Gaudemet,

– Dame Higgins, Ferrari Bravo, Von Mehren, Vukas,

– Philip, Crawford, Rozakis, Caflisch,

– Gannagé, Fatouros,

– Paolillo.

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