Organized by the International Law Department of the Graduate Institute and the Institute of International Law (Institut de Droit international), you are cordially invited
to a briefing on:

The Work of the Institute of International Law

During its 2021 Session, the Institute of International Law (Institut de Droit international or IDl), a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and the oldest institution in the field of international law, adopted four resolutions on:

  • Epidemics, Pandemics and International Law;
  • Human Rights and Private International Law;
  • Limits to Evolutive Interpretation of the Constituent Instruments of the Organizations within the United Nations System by their internal Organs;
  • Territorial Administration by the United Nations and other International Institutions Authorized by the United Nations.

The Rapporteurs of the Commissions who worked on these topics will provide a briefing on these Resolutions:

  • Prof. Shinya Murase, ILC member
  • Prof. Fausto Pocar, ad hoc Judge of the ICJ
  • Prof. Mahnoush Arsanjani, President and Judge of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal
  • Prof. Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos, former President and Judge of the ECtHR

The event will be moderated by Prof. Marcelo Kohen, Secretary-General of the Institute of International Law and Faculty Member of the International Law Department.

To register for online or in-person attendance, please visit the website of the Graduate Institute.

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