Year of election


  • Professor of International Law at Doshisha University
  • Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University
  • Member of the International Law Commission (2023-2027)

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Arms Control and Disarmament Law
  • Economic Sanctions and UN Collective Security
  • Law of Treaties
  • State Responsibility
  • Use of Force and Self-Defence


Masahiko ASAD A (LLM and LLD, Kyoto) is Professor of International Law at the Faculty of
Law, Doshisha University, Japan, and Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University. He served as
President of the Japanese Society of lnternational Law from 2018-2020, and President of the
Japan Association of Disarmament Studies from 2013-2015. He also served as Legal Adviser
to the Japanese Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva 1991-1993; the
Japanese delegation to the Ad Hoc Group of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons
Convention 1995-2001; and to the Japanese delegation to the NPT Review Conferences and
their Preparatory Committees for many years since 2004. He was also a member of the UN
Panel of Government Experts on Verification 2006-2007 and of the Panel of Experts for the
DPRK Sanctions 2009-2010. He has served as a member, and occasionally Vice Chairman, of
the Confidentiality Commission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
(OPCW) since 1997. He was elected to the International Law Commission (ILC) for the
mandate of 2023-2027 at the UN General Assembly in 2021.

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