United States of America
Year of election


  • Professor of Law
  • International commercial and investment arbitrator

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Transnational Litigation
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Investor-State Arbitration
  • European Union Law
  • International Contracts

Selected publications

  • EU Investment Law and Arbitration, in International Arbitration & EU Law (Nico Lavranos & José Rafael Mata Dona, eds.) (forthcoming, Oxford Univ. Press)
  • The Continuing Relevance of Private International Law (D. Fernandez-Arroyo & F. Ferrari, eds.) (Edward Elgar Pub. 2018)
  • International Commercial Arbitration and Private International Law (Hague Academy of International Law, General Course in Private International Law (2017)
  • ALI, Restatement of the US Law of International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration (2019)
  • The Energy Charter Treaty and European Union Law, in International Arbitration in the Energy Sector (M. Scherer, ed.) (Oxford U. Press 2018)
  • The Interpretation and Application of the New York Convention in National Courts (Springer Pub. 2017)    Res Judicata in International Arbitration, in A.
  • European Union Law as a Jurisdictional and Substantive Defense in Investor-State Arbitration, in The Impact of EU Law on International Commercial Arbitration (F. Ferrari, ed., Juris Pub. 2017)
  • International Standards as a Choice of Law Option in International Arbitration, 27 Am. Rev. Int’l Arb. 423 (2017)
  • Navigating  EU Law and the Law of International Arbitration, 28 Arb. Int’l 397 (2012)
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