Year of election
2013 (Tokyo Session)
Year of titular member


  • Professor, Waseda University Law School
  • Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Area(s) of Expertise

Private International Law


Masato Dogauchi

Selected publications

“Concurrent Litigations in Japan and the United States”, Japanese Annual of International Law, No.34, pp.72-94(1994);

“Japan”, in J. FAWCETT ed., DECLINING JURISDICTION IN PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW, pp.303-319 (1995, Clarendon Press);

“Draft Articles on the Law Applicable to Contractual and Non-Contractual Obligations (1) and (2)”, Japanese Annual of International Law, No.39, pp.185-216(1995), No.40, pp.57-79 1996) (co-author);

“Law Applicable to Torts and Copyright Infringement Through the Internet”, JURGEN BASEDOW and TOSHIYUKI KONO eds., LEGAL ASPECTS OF GLOBALIZATION: CONFLICT OF LAWS, INTERNET, CAPITAL MARKETS AND INSOLVENCY IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY, pp.49-65 (2000, Kluwer Law International);

“Jurisdiction over Foreign Patent Infringement from a Japanese Perspective in Consideration of the Hague Draft Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters as of June 2002”, Japanese Annual of International Law, No.44, pp.35-59 (2001);

“Four-Step Analysis of Private International Law”, Recueil des cours, Vol. 315 pp.9-140 (2005);

“Explanatory Report on the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements”(with Professor Trevor Hartley)(2007);

“New Private International Law of Japan: An Overview”, Japanese Annual of International Law, No.50, pp.3-14 (2007);

“Historical Development and Fundamental Principles of Japanese Private International Law” in JUERGEN BASEDOW/ HARALD BAUM/ YUKO NISHITANI eds., JAPANESE AND EUROPEAN PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE, pp.27-60 (2008, Mohr Siebeck);

“New Japanese Rules on International Jurisdiction: General Observation”, Japanese Yearbook of International Law, Vol.54, pp260-277 (2011).

“The Aftermath of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident: How have Japanese Lawyers been Struggling with Nuclear Damage?”, Japanese Yearbook of International Law, pp.284-327 [2018]

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