Adviser and consultant on international law matters, office of the Attorney General, State of Qatar

Former Additional Secretary and the Legal Adviser, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi (retired since 2002)

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Public International Law
  • UN Charter law
  • Suppression of International Terrorism
  • Law of the Sea and Maritime Boundaries


Pemmaraju Sreenivasa Rao

Selected publications

Book: Public Order of the Ocean Resources: A Critique of Contemporary Law of the Sea. (MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1975)

“General Principles Governing Acquisition of Title to Territory” in Public International Law Colloquium on Maritime Dispute Settlement, (Hong Kong International Arbitration center, Hong Kong, 2016), pp.38a-38z

“United Nations Responsibility from Authorizing the Use of Force” in M.Ragazzi, Responsibility of International Organizations , Essays in Memory of Sir Ian Brownlie, (Martinus Nijhoff, Leiden, Boston, 2013), pp.405-414

Andreas Paulus and others (ed.), Festschrift for Professor Bruno Simma, “THE CONCEPT OF ‘INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY’ IN INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES” Ch.21, (Oxford, 2011)

“Role of Soft Law in the Development of International Law: Some Random Notes”, Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative Volume of the Asian African Legal Consultative organization, 2007, pp.62-90

“Countermeasures in International Law: The Contribution of the International Law Commission”, in Studi di Diritto Internazionale in onore Gaetano-Aranzio-Ruiz,  volume 2, Editorial Scientifica, Napoli,  2004, pp.853-880

“International Terrorism, Self Determination and National Liberation”, in R. K. Dixit and C. Jayaraj (ed.) Dynamics of international law in the New Millenium  (Manak Publications, New Delhi, 2004

“The United Nations and International Peace and Security: An Indian Perspective”: in Christian Tomuschat (ed.), The United Nations at Age Fifty – A Legal Perspective (Kluwer Law International, The Hague, pp 143-184 (1995)

“Non-state actors and self-defence: a relook at the UN Charter Article 51”, Indian Journal of International Law (2016) vol.56(2):pp. 127–171. DOI 10.1007/s40901-017-0049-4

“The nature and function of international law: an evolving international rule of law”, Indian Journal of International Law (2015), Volume 55(4): pp 459–491. DOI 10.1007/s40901-016-0026-3

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