1997_Strasbourg_2 From left to right in a vertical line:
Parra Aranguren ;
Bennouna, Bardonnet, Salmon, Ress ;
Ranjeva, Mosler, Sir North, Schwind ;
Sohn, Guillaume, Fatouros, Pescatore ;
Amerasinghe, Lipstein ;
Caminos, Ni, Lauterpacht, Suy, Vischer, Lowenfeld, von Mehren, Rudolf ;
Li, McWhinney, Doehring, Sinclair, Vukas ;
Mme Bindschedler, Schermers, van Hecke, Monaco, Schwebel, von Overbeck ;
Broms, Lalive, P., side to side Shihata and Mrs de Magalhaes Collaço, Watts, El-Kosheri, Verhoeven ;
Do Nascimento e Silva, Marotta Rangel ;
Skubiszewski, Ferrari Bravo, Degan, Arangio-Ruiz and Paolillo ;
Carillo Salcedo, Lord Collins, Dame Higgins, Henkin and Jayme ;
Rosenne, Mensah, Lagarde, Weil ;
Yankov, Dugard, Gaja, Seidl-Hohenveldern ;
Orrego-Vicuña, Abi Saab, Sahovic ;
Dominicé, Roucounas, Wildhaber, Müllerson ?, Conforti and Schindler ;
Torres Bernardez, Lalive, JF, Caflisch, Owada, Brownlie, Vignes ;
Cassese and Vallat ;
Diez de Velasco, Valticos, Zemanek, Franck (hidden) Bos, Barberis ;
Frowein ;
Castro-Rial, Gannagé , Dinstein ;

Bureau during the session* :

President: Krzysztof Skubiszewski**
First Vice-President: Krzysztof Skubiszewski
Second Vice-President: Pierre Gannagé
Third Vice-President: Jean Salmon
Secretary-General: Christian Dominicé
Treasurer: Frank Vischer

The teaching of international law (trav. prép. – delib. – res)
Ronald St. J. Macdonald, 10th commission

The environment (trav. prép. – delib. – res)
8th commission

Titles of the adopted resolutions:

  • The Environment (Rapporteur : Luigi Ferrari Bravo)
  • Responsibility and liability under International Law for Environmental Damage (Co-Rapporteurs : Francisco Orrego Vicuña)
  • Procedures for the Adoption and Implementation of Rules in the field of Environment (Co-Rapporteur : Felipe Paolillo)


The role and significance of consensus in the framing of international law (trav. prép. – delib.)
Louis B. Sohn, 6th commission

The Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of States (delib.)
François Rigaux, 19th commission

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*before the elections at the first administrative meeting
**president during the session, substituting René-Jean Dupuy who passed away on 17 July 1997

res : resolution adopted
delib. : deliberations in plenary
trav. prép. : travaux préparatoires

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